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Outstanding Section Award
Section on Research received an Outstanding Section Award at the PT 2012 Component Award Ceremony!

Award presented to SOR at APTA 2012 Annual Meeting, Tampa, Florida
L-R:  APTA President Scott Ward; SOR President, Chris Powers; Treasurer, Esther Haskvitz

The Section on Research was one of three sections recognized as Outstanding Sections this year at the PT 2012 Component Awards Ceremony. The citation specifically identified the SOR’s accomplishments relative to doubling its student membership, its successful federal funding fly-in, and its new Lab Travel Grant program.
With increased student membership, SOR recognized its increased opportunities not only to serve the needs of the students but also to dialog with the students about why maintaining APTA and SOR membership after graduation will serve them as emerging professionals. To that end, SOR had a notable presence at the Student Conclave this past year, and supported the Student Assembly by participating in its Social Media Scavenger Hunt at CSM in Chicago.
The 2012 SOR fly-in was organized this year in direct response to the success of the 2011 fly-in. Although the original plan was to conduct fly-in’s on alternate years, the success of the program in positively impacting targeted legislators who influence funding led the SOR to repeat its efforts for a second year in a row. 
Lastly, the SOR’s innovative Travel Grant Program was recognized. The purpose of this program is to facilitate direct interactions between junior and senior investigators by funding 2 fellows in 2012 with $1000 each to facilitate travel to the lab of their choice to participate in structured research experiences designed to meet their specific long-term research objectives. Applications close on July 1st for the first funding cycle (http://www.ptresearch.org/). 
Our sincere thanks go out to the many SOR members who supported the activities that led to this recognition. Let’s keep the momentum going!
(posted 6.24.12)
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