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USC Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory

Investigators: Christopher Powers, George Salem, Kornelia Kulig, Susan Sigward, Christine Pollard

Research Focus: Root causes of musculoskeletal disorders and
efficacy of selected interventions. Also, biomechanical basis of
functionally based exercises and principles governing their application in special populations.

Research Methods: State-of-the-art motion analysis techniques to
test hypotheses related to the kinematics, kinetics, and motor control strategies associated with human locomotion and movement, as well as functional exercise approaches.

Funding: NIH, Foundation for PT, NATA, private industry

This 2,533 square foot laboratory includes:

2,000 ft2 motion analysis laboratory
1 sixteen-station data processing area
1 seven-station data processing area

Research equipment includes:

    * Vicon 612 Motion Analysis System
    * 8 M2 1000Hz Cameras with Infrared Strobe
    * 4 AMTI Force Platforms OR6-1000
    * 1 AMTI Large Force Platform BP12001200-1000
    * MotionLabs 16 Multi-Channel EMG System (MA-300-16)
    * 2 Digital Video Cameras (Canon Optura XI)
    * Video Mixer (Panasonic WJ-MX12)
    * Remote Trigger/Timing System
    * Footswitch Stride Analyzer System
    * Sonoline Antares Ultrasound Machine
    * KinCom 500H Isokinetic Dynamometer
    * Primus RS Evaluation System
    * Simulation/Modeling Workstation Software
    * Altair Engineering HyperWorks Software
    * C-Motion Visual3D Movement Analysis Software
    * MusculoGraphics SIMM Software
    * RUN Technologies Datapac 2k2 Analysis Software
    * Simula Abaqus Software
    * TomoVision SliceOmatic Software
    * Vicon Life Science Motion Analysis Software
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