About Us


To advance the best practice of physical therapy through research.


The APTA Academy of Physical Therapy Research, through education, advocacy, and networking, will empower clinicians and researchers to generate, disseminate, and utilize research to guide best clinical practice.

Academy of Physical Therapy Research Purpose Statement

Optimizing the integration of research into clinical practice through awareness, collaboration, and engagement.

  • Awareness – Increase visibility & build influence.
  • Collaboration – Create connections & promote partnerships.
  • Engagement – Inspire discovery & advance practice

Awareness – Increase visibility & build influence.


A. Leverage technology to increase visibility of SOR while being cognizant of technology/info overload.

B. Improve recognition of the value that PT research and services provide to society

C. Advance the understanding of the value of membership in SOR

D. Introduce and invest in a multi-level marketing plan

Collaboration – Create connections & promote partnerships.


A. Expand mentorship opportunities

B. Encourage 2-way interactions between clinicians and researchers

C. Explore and facilitate opportunities for interdisciplinary research

Engagement – Inspire discovery & advance practice.


A. Encourage increased participation in research

B. Promote/develop programming that bridges clinic, classroom, community, & laboratory.

C. Promote interaction and involvement of SOR members

How the Academy Works

The APTA Academy of Physical Therapy Research is governed by an elected Board of Directors. Directors are available to discuss issues affecting the Academy and the physical therapy profession. In addition to the Board of Directors, Academy members participate in committee, task force and Special Interest Group activities. The actions taken by the Board, committees, task forces and SIGs are member-directed.

The Academy President is responsible for governing and directing Academy activities and the Board of Directors is guided by the strategic plan. The Academy Delegate participates in the APTA House of Delegates each year, which is the highest decision-making body of the Association, and makes decisions on issues that frequently have far-reaching implications for the Association, the Academy and the profession. To reach the president, delegate or other Academy officers, please contact the Academy office at info@ptresearch.org.

Get Involved! Contact us to become involved in Academy activities and committees. Your participation is essential to the strength of the Academy.

Complete listing of Board of Directors, committee and SIG chairs may be found here


Policies and Procedures Manual