Biomechanics SIG Career Award Winners

Career Excellence Award in Biomechanics Research is awarded to internationally recognized individuals who are considered an expert in biomechanics or similar domain. Has committed career efforts to research including securing extramural funding and dissemination through peer-reviewed publications. Has served as a mentor for students, postdocs and/or faculty to further biomechanics research. 

2021Bryan Heiderscheit
2020Philip McClure
2018Michael Mueller
2017Debra Nawoczenski
2016Paula Ludewig
2015Lynn Snyder-Mackler
2014Chris Powers
2013Irene Davis

Early Career Investigator Award in Biomechanics Research is awarded to individuals who have attained regional or national recognition as an emerging expert in biomechanics or similar domain. The award is intended for a new investigator who has a developing scholarship record in biomechanics and a recent record of accomplishments indicative of future success (grant funding, important contribution to the field, technological break-through, etc). 

2021Elizabeth Wellsandt
2020Jo Armour Smith
2019Stephanie DiStasi
2018Brian Noehren & Joe Zeni
2017Cara Lewis
2016Richard Souza
2015James Elliott
2014Sam Ward
2013Laura Schmitt