AOPTR Student Travel Awards

2019 SOR-sponsored Travel Grant Award Winners

2019 CSM Student Travel Grant Winners:

Jane Oh, SPT, CSCS, USAW-1 – Columbia University

I have been a member of the Academy of Physical Therapy Research since joining my research team at Columbia University. As a first year student, Dr. Rao, our professor in Evidence Based Practice, taught me how to approach and critically analyze a study. Dr. Timmerberg and Dr. Said then took me under their wing to investigate “The Relationship Between Functional Movement Assessments and Injury Risk in Division I Male Soccer Players”. Following their guidance, I developed a better understanding of the need for and the value of sound research. Three years later, as a Combined Academys Meeting (CSM) presenter, I see my vested interest in scientific inquiry has evolved into something greater: a platform to converse and learn from other scholars.

What I love most about CSM is represented in the name itself; it combines the sections of the APTA and mediates conversation between individuals that may never have the opportunity to meet otherwise. I like that the proximity of section booths in the exhibit hall allows one to walk down and chat with section members of each group. Dr. Jain and Dr. Schmitt gave me a warm welcome at the Academy of Physical Therapy Research (SOR) booth; I was introduced to local SOR events, special interest groups, and how to become a more active member in the section. Dr. Al Temawi and I discussed the importance of identifying other professionals with similar research goals. He shared that, by developing the right relationships at local SOR events, I may find opportunities to continue with sports research as part of a career.

By entering a community of more seasoned, like-minded clinicians and researchers, I get to access what SOR offers through its vision: education, advocacy, and networking. This also paves a way to nurture ideas that may not be viable or gain momentum on its own—without that added spark of inspiration. I am impressed by the clinicians and researchers I’ve met at CSM. I intend to continue my professional growth by attending future CSM and APTA events which, in addition, will help me provide the best available evidence-based practice to my patients.

Julia Steffen, SPT – University of Cincinnati

Throughout my time in the University of Cincinnati’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program, I have heard a lot of excitement surrounding Combined Academys Meeting. Finally as a third-year student, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to experience CSM in January 2019. During my time in Washington, DC, I was surrounded by students and professionals who are passionate about our profession.

I am grateful to SOR for their financial support of my attendance at CSM. Upon graduating in May 2019, I am looking forward to my SOR membership benefiting me as I go forward in my career. I hope to participate in clinical research, and I will utilize evidence based practice regularly.

At CSM, I presented a poster presentation, Antigravity Treadmill Training for Children with Cerebral Palsy: Summary of Evidence and Clinical Recommendations. During my time at CSM, I also enjoyed learning about new research, exploring new technology within our field, and preparing myself for my future career. As a third-year student who is still exploring my interest in various aspects of PT, I believe that CSM will benefit me going forward as I make more specific plans for my career. Thank you again to SOR for contributing to my professional development and supporting me as I attended CSM.

Mackenzie Wilson, SPT – Indiana University

I am extremely grateful to have been sponsored by the Academy of Physical Therapy Research to attend APTA’s Combined Academys Meeting in Washington, DC. My CSM experience was amazing! I was able to present three research posters for projects I have been a part of over the past few years, which were all integral for developing my passion for research involvement. I also attended numerous engaging sessions that helped expand my knowledge on topics of my interest. Personally, my favorite part of CSM is connecting and reconnecting with students and professionals in the PT field. National conferences are wonderful avenues to network and create relationships that will help boost your career and the PT profession as a whole.

I am proud to be a member of the Academy of Physical Therapy Research. It is incredibly important to recognize that our field will only advance if we are producing and utilizing evidence in our practice. I am excited to begin the next step in my career as a neurologic physical therapy resident after graduation, where I will have the opportunity to complete a research project in the neurologic field. I will continue to keep evidence at the center of my practice throughout the entirety of my career, and I am excited to continue my SOR membership for the resources on keeping evidence at the forefront of physical therapy practice.

Thank you again for your support in attending CSM!

2018 SOR-sponsored Travel Award Winners

2018 NSC Student Travel Award Winners:

  • Melissa Mailand, Indiana University
  • Danielle Kreda, Rutgers University
  • Katie Scaff, Duke University