Biomechanics SIG

Our Mission

The Mission of this SIG is to provide a forum for discussion, a venue for program development, and a presence in the public arena of the Section. In particular, the SIG aims to: 

1) Promote and develop the pursuit of biomechanical research methods in order to advance physical therapy practice. 

2) Promote the role of biomechanics research in the physical therapy profession. 

3) Expand the application of biomechanics research methodologies in physical therapy research. 

4) Represent the interests of the membership of the SIG within the Section. 

5) Provide service to the Section and the Association as a resource on biomechanics research. and 6) Serve as a network resource for researchers and clinicians with an interest in biomechanics research.

To join the Biomechanics SIG, please submit your request using the Contact Us form here. Please be sure to include the name of SIG in your request.