Message from the President

It is an honor to be President of APTA’s Academy of Physical Therapy Research. The Academy of Physical Therapy Research serves as a central hub for facilitating excellence in research generation, dissemination, implementation, and application in physical therapy. Our guiding principles are: Awareness, Collaboration, and Engagement, or ACE. 

We promote Awareness of the value that physical therapy research and services provide to society. For example, our Evidence Based Practice Special Interest Group provides both research consumers and educators of research consumers with resources and a network to facilitate awareness of research to improve practice. On the national front, our Federal Affairs liaisons ensure that we are advocating for policies and legislation to support rehabilitation research. 

We facilitate Collaboration through our Biomechanics and Qualitative Research Special Interest Groups, where members work together to advance these areas of research. We provide grants to support students working with mentors, interprofessional connections, and conference attendance for budding scholars. 

Engagement occurs in venues like our Early Career Special Interest Group where recently graduated researchers establish foundations for their new careers. 

Our Program Committee develops amazing programming every year at the APTA Combined Academys Meeting (CSM). And our signature event, led by our Vice President, is our biannual Research Retreat – don’t miss it in 2019! Whether you are a DPT or PhD student, practicing clinician, new or senior researcher, the Academy of Physical Therapy Research provides opportunities to ACE your goals for making a difference in physical therapy practice through research – join us!

Julie K. Tilson, PT, DPT, MS

President, Academy of Physical Therapy Research