Outgoing Volunteer Leaders!

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Academy would like to thank the following outgoing volunteer leaders for their time and dedication:
  • Julie K. Tilson, PT, DPT, MS – President
  • Katherine (Katy) Rudolph, PhD, PT – Treasurer
  • Kristin Archer, PT, PhD – Chair, Awards Committee
  • Jennifer Bagwell, PT, DPT, PhD – Chair, Nominating Committee
  • Neeti Pathare, PT, PhD – Member, Communications Committee
  • Matthew Ithurburn, PT, DPT, PhD – Treasurer, Biomechanics Special Interest Group
  • Elizabeth Wellsandt, PT, DPT, PhD – Secretary, Biomechanics Special Interest Group
  • John Borstad, PT, PhD – Investigator Award Committee, Biomechanics Special Interest Group
  • Tarang Jain, PT, DPT, PhD – Chair, Early Career Special Interest Group

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