Biomechanics SIG Career Awards

The Biomechanics SIG Career Awards are sponsored by Qualisys.

Career Excellence Award in Biomechanics Research: 

Internationally recognized as an expert in biomechanics or similar domain. Has committed career efforts to research including securing extramural funding and dissemination through peer-reviewed publications. Has served as a mentor for students, postdocs and/or faculty to further biomechanics research. 

Early Career Investigator Award in Biomechanics Research: 

Regional or national recognition as an emerging expert in biomechanics or similar domain. The award is intended for a new investigator who has a developing scholarship record in biomechanics and a recent record of accomplishments indicative of future success (grant funding, important contribution to the field, technological break-through, etc).  Nominees should be within 5 years of completion of postdoc or terminal academic degree (whichever is later).  It is preferred that nominees have not submitted their materials for promotion and/or tenure at the time of the nomination.

Application Submission Material

  • Nomination letter from colleague
  • Applicants CV

Applications should be emailed to the Biomechanics SIG Awards Committee Chair ([email protected]) by December 10, 2021.

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